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New Year's resolutions

I guess one of my last year's resolutions was to blog more … which went terrible :) At least my last post is from February 2019 … I didn't even have the git repo cloned on my computer anymore. It used to rest just between all the work repos in that directory ~/Repos, but nope.

At least I had the chance to update all the packages involved in this fancy Gatsby/Netlify CMS setup and nothing exploded in my face after doing so. Yay \o/

In any case. During the last couple Christmas and New Year's days I meant to write a bit of summary from the last year, which of course didn't work out because we were visiting the family. Whenever I think I might find an hour to do something like writing on my blog, I just don't find the time after all :) I guess this is one of my learnings from last year. I have a family now. And that means that home time is family time and not computer time.

Gladly I have this great group of people in my shared office space where we even have a pretty old but great wood working bench in the basement. So whatever I wanna do aside from family play happens in the Loft. Primarily work of course but also side projects.

Things I want to do this year:

  • Work out! (I can't even say more .. just at all would be a start). The groundworks are laid out already since like 5 minutes, by ordering one of those fancy water rowing machines for our guest room. The idea is pretty much that if we don't find the time to go to a gym, the gym essentials have to come to us.
  • Take the whole self employment thing to the next level. Mathias and myself are teaming up with two other great guys since last summer already and we're working out pretty well up till now! I'm very excited to see what's gonna happen. If we actually start a firm we can include "since 2020" in our logo somewhere. Which is a cool year to start a firm I think!
  • Learn a new web technology! I was checking out Three.js and react-three-fiber for a bit and continued to Svelte yesterday. Both super interesting! I always wanted to know how to pull off fancy 3D effects but I guess this is gonna be a longer process. Of course Three.js is already taking over to much of the heavy low level lifting but 3D is still 3D. Math and stuff … :)

After wanting to blog more last year so unsuccessfully I'm not gonna include that here and just hope that it'll happen on it's own. Maybe we even go mad enough to want to start a company blog … which would probably be completely over the top, since I figure we're gonna be busy enough actually building a company.

Also great would be to collect projects we worked on. Whenever someone asks me for references I start digging around my brain (and soon after I realize that I don't really remember all the stuff so I go searching our file server ;)). But maybe that's something for a new post.