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Fun with Flags … eh. Canvas!

So, this post is going to be one of so many Love Songs to Mister Wes Bos. Wes apparently decided at some point of his existence as a brilliant web developer to make a living from sharing his wisdom. And I'm very happy he did!

Just recently a buddy of mine and myself wanted to get started with Gatsby and try that out as a static site generator instead of my long friend Jekyll (The outcome of that story is gonna be another post but it's going to be another love song, I can tell you that much already 😁).

Quick version: Gatsby is based on React and I did not have the slightest clue about React!

I remebered the time when I wanted to get rid of jQuery in my life because it felt old and clunky. At that time I stumbled over Wes' ES6 for Everyone Course, took that and was very happy with my new knowledge and my jQuery-free life!

Gladly, Wes did another brilliant Course called "React for Beginners". And just as with the ES6 Course, I crawled through that Course in a couple days and came out the other end with a solid understanding of React and therefore Gatsby too!

AND NOW … haha this will end soon I promise! – I wanted to share a piece of Javascript knowledge I aquired today in just 17 minutes from Wes' free Course: Javascript 30.

See the Pen SUPER simple Canvas fun (Credits to Wes Bos) by Nils Borg (@nilsborg) on CodePen.

I never worked with <canvas> before and was very surprised how easy this fun thing was to create!

Take 15 minutes out of your schedule every day and take this course – I promise it's fun and you'll learn something you did not know about Javascript.